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KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD

KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD is a long time standing Trailer Repair shop serving the Fraser Valley

- Licensed ICBC Trailer Repair Claim Center -


Trailer Repair for all types of trailers including Utility Trailers, Travel Trailers, Boat Trailers, Toy Haulers and more.


Commercial Trailers and Trucks need to be inspected by a licensed inspection facility. We are certified for this service.


We can come out to you when you have an incident and need roadside assistance. We can visit you from Vancouver to Merrit BC.

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When you are in need of any Trailer Repair in The Fraser Valley, send us an email to make an appointment to get it fixed like new again and back on the road.


We Are A Certified ICBC Claims Center For Your Trailer Repairs In The Fraser Valley

We are an Accredited ICBC Claims Shop. There are many trailer repair shops in the Fraser Valley but only a few can offer you the ability to turn an ICBC write-off back into a legal insurable unit. Being an ICBC Vendor, we can take on your ICBC Claims and bring your trailer back to life.

Why Choose KDM Welding & Manufacturing Ltd?


We operate under normal business hours, but if you have an emergency on the road, call us to come out and help, even after hours.


Our prices are among the most competitive on the market. When you need a trailer fix in the Fraser Valley, we are fast and affordable.


Our technicians are highly trained and certified. We can repair any trailer with professional results that make it as good as new! 

We Are A Certified Government Inspection Facility For Your Commercial Trailers

All Commercial Trailers need scheduled annual and semi-annual inspections. We are a Certified Government Inspection Facility for The Fraser Valley. We perform many inspections per month and welcome you to make an appointment to have your inspections done with us. We do inspections for all types of commercial Trailers including Dump Trailers, Semi Truck Trailers, Heavy Duty Trailers, and more.

Contact us today to make your inspection appointment.

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KDM Welding & Manufacturing

We provide expert Welding and Fabrication Services for all of your trailer needs.

Need a new storage box?

Maybe a new tool box installed to your trailer?

We can make this happen.

Broken parts that need to be repaired or fabricated?

We can refurbish any metal part that you need repaired.

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Trailer Repair Fraser Valley

We provide the best trailer repair services for your Fraser Valley Trailers! 

Whether you need a small fix or major repairs, KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD has everything in place to get you back on the road fast and on budget. We have highly trained mechanics who know their craft.

Trailer breaks giving you problems? 

Bent frame? Broken gate?

Trailer jack not operating as it should?

Problem with your hitch?

We have the solutions to all this and more. Contact us today to get your hauler working like it should!

Commercial Trailer Repair Fraser Valley

Need to repair your Commercial Trailer in The Fraser Valley? Bring it to us. We have over 60 years in combined experience in commercial trailer repair. You can trust that we have seen it all and know exactly how to fix anything you can break on your unit. Whether it is a Semi Trailer, B Train, Heavy Duty Hauler, Heater, Reefer or any other trailer made for industry, our mechanics are the most knowledgeable and skilled in your type of repairs needed.

See what we can do to get you back on the road asap!

Commercial Mobile Trailer Repair Service

Need a hand while on the road with our Mobile Trailer Repair Service for your Fraser Valley Trailer? No Problem! Never leave your trailer stranded again. Call us to get you moving now.

Sometimes to save time and avoid big tow bills, it is just easier to have one of our mechanics visit you. We are more then happy to come out to your location to repair your trailer

Ask us for details today!

Trailer Repair Near Me

In our Fraser Valley Trailer Repair Shop we service all makes and models of trailers. Whether you need a small fix or a complete overhaul, we have everything in place to get your trailer like new again.

(If you don't see your type listed, don't worry, we repair that too)


We Service and Repair:

  • Enclosed Trailer

    Get your enclosed trailers serviced fast!

    Has your Enclosed been in an accident? Damaged enclosed trailer panel? 

    Hardware problems like break lights not working? Leaky roof?

    Rotten floor boards?

    No matter the issue we are able to fix any problem with your Enclosed Trailers

  • Tilt Trailer

    Get Speedy Tilt Trailer Service when you need it.

    Tilt trailers can sustain damage from improper loading of a vehicle.  Rot can occur where there is wood. Tilting hardware can wear over time and can need some repair. Contact us for all your tilt trailers upgrades and repairs.

  • Dump Trailer

    Service your dump unit to keep it dumping like new!

    Damage can occur from many factors and we can fix them all.

    Damaged, rusty, or bent metal frames?

    Dumper system not working? 

    Call us with your issue and get your dump trailers working like new.

  • Flat Deck Trailer

    Get Your Flat Deck Serviced Today!

    Worn bottom panels?

    Damaged, Rusty, bent or broken metal on the frame or wheel wells?

    Faulty Breaks?

    Our professionals can transform old and tired to new and beautiful again. 

  • Car Trailer

    Car Trailers can need servicing for many reasons. Damage can occur from improper loading of a vehicle, road damage, being struck by another vehicle, hauling through rough terrain, and general wear and tear.

    Let us bring your car trailers back to life so you can tow your cars safely again.

  • Semi Trailer

    Reduce downtime and get your semi trailers repaired fast!

    Semi Trailers take an enormous amount of punishment while on and off the road.  We can provide regular maintenance or repair any damage to your hauler. Contact us for details.

  • Heavy Duty Trailer

    Keep your Heavy Duty Trailers in good condition!

    These are made to take a beating. But even so, parts wear, metal rusts, and when hauling big loads or bumping into objects can cause damage. Get us to maintain or fix it quick and on budget. 

  • Utility Trailer

    We love to service and update your Utility Trailers!

    Utility units are used for a variety of purposes and take on many forms of abuse and damage. Loading damage, rock, dirt, debris, shovel damage, etc. When these or any repairs are needed due to an accident, we can help. 

  • B Train Trailer

    We all know that B Train Trailers need to be in top notch condition!

    When you find that any part of your B Train is worn, broken or needs to be refurbished, we are the experts you need to make sure your B Train is in perfect working order. Anything less is bad for everyone on the road.

  • Great Dane Trailer

    Great Dane are popular and tough, but still require service. 

    When your Great Dane Trailers have a malfunction, worn parts, faulty wiring, needs breaks, sustains damage due to an accident, or damage from loading or backing into a dock leveler, we are the Experts to fix it fast!

  • Heater Trailer

    Heater Trailer Service can help make it more cost effective!

    Servicing your heater trailers can help keep your cargo warm in the cold. Roof leaks, heater issues, breaks, signal lights and more. We will make sure everything checks out and is running in perfect order.

  • Reefer Trailer

    Keep your Reefer Trailers in prime condition.

    These trailers can suffer many malfunctions. We will fully inspect and repair any issue that will keep your cold items cold and your unit running like new. Remember to get your annual and semi-annual inspections from us!

  • Transfer Trailer

    Transfer Trailers need to be in good repair.

    Transfer trailers take on tons of abuse while in operation.  (pun intended) We will inspect and make sure to update everything needed to keep your transfer trailers up to code and working in perfect order.

  • Boat Trailer

    We all love our toys and toy haulers, keep them in good repair.

    When you are off to have a great day on the water and find that your Boat trailer is malfunctioning, this can put your great day on hold. Keep your pride and joy in good condition with our services so that never happens!

  • Travel / RV Trailer

    When your RV Travel Trailers are damaged, we can help. 

    When your travel trailer is not functioning as it should, we can inspect and fix your issues. We can even take an ICBC write-off and bring it back to insurable condition. We are one of the few shops that can do this service!

Contact Us For All Your Trailer Repair Needs In The Fraser Valley

Contact Us for all your trailer needs in the Fraser Valley. At our shop we can handle everything from Repairs, performing Mandatory Inspections, Welding and Fabrication of parts and items you might need, Commercial Trailer Repair, Mobile Repair Services, ICBC Claims and more. 

When you need Expert Service, Think KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD!

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KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD Owners (Dan and daughter Deanna) have a combined 60 years of trailer servicing experience. You can trust that we have seen it all and know how to fix it right!


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