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KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD

Mobile Trailer Repair

When You Are Stranded, Our Mobile Repair Team Can Get You Back On The Road Fast

Commercial Mobile Trailer Repair Services

Need a Commercial Mobile Trailer Repair while on the road?  Avoid expensive tow bills and give us a call to have us come to you and get your trailer fixed so you can get your load to it's destination faster.

We all know what it is like when you are on the road and have a trailer malfunction. It can destroy your schedule and upset a customer. Avoid costly tow bills and extensive wait times by having us come to you. Our Commercial Mobile Trailer Repair Team is at the ready to come and help you out, even if it is after hours.

Just give us a call and we will be right there to get you back on the road.


Note* When you call AFTER HOURS, the voice message will give you the mobile number to call, so stay on the line and have a pen ready!


When your repair requires more then just a quick fix to get you moving, bring your trailer to our shop for total commercial trailer repair. And for private owners, we also have a top notch Trailer Repair department.

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Get Back On The Road Faster

For certified mechanics you can trust to get you back on the road quickly and safely, KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD has more than 40 years of experience servicing long haul transport truckers on their journeys across BC. We are on-call 24 hours a day to provide speedy mobile trailer repair service. If you are Stranded anywhere between Merritt and Whistler and need our help, we are here for you! 

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Tel: 1(604)5571986 | Fax: 1(604)557-1976



Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm

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