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Most Common Trailer Winter Storage Problem Areas

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

3 Most Common Trailer Winter Storage Problem Areas

At KMD Welding & Manufacturing Ltd, we are Trailer Repair Specialists and we know the common problems that can happen over the winter months in regards to the longevity of your trailer.

At the time of writing this article, winter is just starting. It is time to put our toy haulers, RV’s and trailers to rest for the season. There they sit until spring, all the while enduring nature’s wrath. When the new warmth arrives in spring, the snow starts melting, we then pull our trailers from storage to get ready for the new season. One of the most common problems we see with our customer’s trailers is water damage.

Whether it’s your RV, cargo trailer, commercial trailer, or flat deck, water damage can be a problem. Since most trailers are parked outdoors and are usually covered in snow throughout the winter, when the temperature increases and snow starts to melt, water can start to get into undesirable places. A few of the most common areas that develop problems, and are worth the time to inspect before you take your equipment out are:

Seals Around The Roof And Windows

Since the roof of your trailer will have a fair amount of snow on it throughout the winter, when temperatures warm up and snow starts to melt, moisture can penetrate through areas where the sealant may have failed. Make sure you closely inspect the roof, as well as any trim and or fasteners that have been sealed (maintenance tip: do this in the fall before you store your trailer).

On The Trailer Deck

Checking over the wood on the deck of your trailer is vital as most decks are exposed to the same amount of snow as the roof of a trailer. Prior to using your trailer, check decking boards for water damage and wood rot.

Electrical Systems

The electrical system of your trailer can also be affected by moisture. Having open connections and unsealed electrical components is a frequent cause of electrical failure. Check for corrosion inside of connectors and plugs and test your lights to ensure everything is working as it should. (Maintenance tip: always remove the battery of your trailer over the winter months and store in a warm environment. We suggest that in addition to removing the battery, you place it on a charger and then load test to verify that the battery is in good working condition before your first time out).


To wrap up, when pulling your trailer out of storage, always keep an eye out for possible water damage. Check the roof and window seals, make sure that the integrity of your trailer deck has been maintained and be aware of moisture-related electrical issues. When it comes to electrical issues, they usually aren’t noticed until you are hooked up to your truck or tow vehicle. If this happens, feel free to contact our service department and we will walk you through possible checks or you can stop by our shop to have one of our technicians check it over.

Proper maintenance is key for the longevity of your trailer. If possible the best way to avoid these problems would be to store your trailer in a shed or at least with waterproof overhead cover.

Yearly inspections are also the perfect way to ensure that your trailer is in perfect working order and safe for you and others on the road. Feel free to contact us any time to perform a full inspection. It could save you much time, money and peace of mind in the long run.

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