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Advanced Trailer Modifications

What Kind Of Trailer Modifications Can Benefit My Trailer?

There are many advanced modifications that can be made to trailers depending on their intended use and the specific needs of the owner. Here are a few examples:

  1. Weight distribution systems: These systems help to distribute the weight of the trailer more evenly across the axles, reducing stress on the hitch and improving stability on the road.

  2. Electronic braking systems: These systems use electronic sensors to apply the brakes on the trailer in proportion to the braking force applied to the tow vehicle, improving stopping distance and overall safety.

  3. Suspension upgrades: Upgrading the suspension system of a trailer can improve stability, handling, and ride comfort.

  4. Solar power systems: Adding a solar power system to a trailer can provide a source of renewable energy for lighting, appliances, and other electrical devices.

  5. GPS tracking systems: These systems can be used to track the location of a trailer, monitor its speed and fuel consumption, and provide real-time alerts if the trailer is moved or tampered with.

  6. Lift kits: Lift kits can raise the height of a trailer, making it easier to navigate rough terrain or to park in tight spaces.

  7. Insulation and climate control: Insulating the interior of a trailer and adding climate control systems can make it more comfortable for occupants and protect sensitive equipment from extreme temperatures.

  8. Custom storage solutions: Customized storage solutions can maximize the storage space of a trailer and make it easier to organize and access equipment and supplies.

  9. Exterior lighting upgrades: Upgrading the exterior lighting of a trailer with LED lights can improve visibility and safety on the road, as well as provide additional lighting for outdoor activities.

  10. Advanced audio and entertainment systems: Adding advanced audio and entertainment systems to a trailer can enhance the overall experience of camping or traveling, making it more enjoyable and comfortable for occupants.

KDM Welding & Manufacturing LTD provides expert trailer modifications in Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland.

When you need more than just an ordinary trailer, contact us first!

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